"Welcome to Derek McGillivray's Empowering Mindfulness Course!

Discover the Power of Mindfulness, Made Simple: Our course offers a straightforward and accessible introduction to mindfulness, enabling you to effortlessly integrate it into your daily life.

Unlock Proven Tools for Personal Growth: Explore a range of tried and tested mindfulness techniques that will guide you toward finding a balanced and content life. Bid farewell to anger and frustration as you embrace forgiveness and learn to move forward with mindfulness.

Meet Your Expert Guide: Derek McGillivray, affectionately known as the 'Happy Medium,' brings a wealth of experience in the wellness field. He has successfully overcome numerous life challenges and is here to enlighten and support you on your journey to achieving your own 'happy medium' in life.

Bonus Content for a Healthier You: Derek has thoughtfully updated this course with valuable insights on mindful living for a healthier lifestyle. Dive into the benefits of gastric band hypnotherapy, adopt healthier eating habits, and receive expert lifestyle advice tailored to your specific needs, whether you're a vegan or managing diabetes.

Join us today and embark on a transformational path toward mindfulness, happiness, and improved well-being. Take the first step towards a more fulfilling life!"

Hi, I’m Derek McGillivray

"You live for today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn't come yet. So forget the past learn from it, do today what you couldn't do yesterday and change what could happen tomorrow, do it with love in mind, only you can change your mind set!"

Mindfulness and living a mindful life, is a key part of my life today. Being in the here and now, aware and not over thinking, worrying, and learning to accept and smile. It's a skill worth learning, not only for our personal growth but also for our spiritual growth.

Let me help you in simple no jargon, down to earth way to understand mindfulness and apply it in your life from today!

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Scottish Psychic Medium and life coach Derek McGillivray

Reiki Master, Hypnotist, Past life Regression, Fully trained in minfulness based CBT, councelling and much more.

Forgive and let go, don't stay in victim mode, be the victor!

Derek has great empathy with his clients, his personal and spiritual journey has had many twists and turns and now empowers others to lead a meaning full and mindful life full of happiness and love.

Honest, Caring, Kind, Understanding and Enthusiastic


I would highly recommend!! Derek helped put me at ease, remain confident, positive during one of the most stressful experiences I have ever encountered (sitting my driving test). Not only did Derek give me hypnotherapy sessions, he helped give me a more positive outlook on many pressured situationsDerek took the time to really get to know me and to be honest help improve my all round outlook on life and many negative situations, I would recommend Derek to help with many different situations even if you are just looking for a boost in confidence he is just amazing!!