Its Up to you to make the change and find that person who is loving healthy and is a victor.

For years I blamed others or other things for weight gain, like stopping smoking, stress, no time to plan meals, kids and so on.

Its down to you to take care of yourself, getting rid of negative behaviours and reprogramming your mind to succeed.

With the power of your mind you can do it and learn to accept help and gain knowledge from others, this course will help you achieve much more than weight loss you will benefit from the power of hypnosis, also help for those who are diabetic, vegan/vegetarian.

Start that process today and enrol in this course to guide to a healthy mind body and soul.

About Derek McGillivray

Derek is a full time life coach, trained in hypnotherapy, cogitative behavioural therapy CBT. Counselling and is a very positive person who has helped many of his clients achieve their goals and more.

His empathy skills have helped his clients to get to the root causes of their challenges.

This course is not about diets, its about finding your motivation and taking the actions to succeed.

The benefits from this course are, you will gain in confidence and learn from years of experience and the latest knowledge on healthier eating, life styles.

"Weight loss and a healthier lifestyle does not have to be hard, it all starts with a positive thought and feeling that you have already achieved it." DMcG

Get motivated to obtain a healthier lifestyle, this includes the Gastric Band hypnotherapy also help and guidance from Life Coach Derek McGillivray.

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Get rid of the lockdown tummy and blues

Start your journey to a healthier life.

The first step to a healthier diet, food, eating, starts with your mind set with this course you can achieve, the healthier mind set and become that healthy person you are and live your life to the full.